Community Change Voters Endorses
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The 2020 Presidential election is the most important electoral fight in a generation, one that can set the course for a vision of America where we can all thrive.  As such, Community Change Voters unreservedly endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the leaders with the boldest, most progressive aspiration for America. We believe the Biden-Harris ticket will restore the values of a prosperous and inclusive America after four years of the hate, racism and economic misery that has torn the nation apart under Trump and Trumpism.


Community Change Voters is a non-candidate Political Action Committee focused on engaging, mobilizing and turning out low-income voters, particularly low-income voters of color.  We engage infrequent base voters to expand the electorate, work to elect candidates who share our values and advocate for policies that will have a positive impact on our communities.



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