Community Change Voters

Community Change Voters believes that in order to transform our nation we must transform our electorate —- engaging hard-to-reach Black, Latino, Native, AAPI, immigrant, and young voters to provide support navigating voting systems and to motivate them to turn out for progressive candidates.

The 2024 elections will be decided by razor-thin margins, and we are double-clicking on what we know works. We will attempt to reach 15 million voters and have 2+ million conversations in seven prioritized states that align with key U.S. House and Senate races and the path to winning the presidency. Through trusted messengers, we will be in direct conversation with our communities early — well before candidates and their campaigns — finding disengaged voters, connecting them to issues, and sustaining motivation through a challenging cycle.  


We face strong headwinds: sustained attacks on democratic institutions, coordinated voter suppression efforts, the as-yet-unknown impact of AI on voting. Early indications point to another fight for the soul of our nation, just as we experienced in 2020. We know that what we have built is not yet enough to win transformational change. We must cut through the noise and sustain our work through longer voting cycles to reach more voters and connect more deeply.


Community Change Voters is a non-candidate Political Action Committee focused on engaging, mobilizing and turning out low-income voters, particularly low-income voters of color.  We engage infrequent base voters to expand the electorate, work to elect candidates who share our values and advocate for policies that will have a positive impact on our communities.



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